The Young Woman Who Can Teach Us All

Nomination for the Heart & Dove Awards™ and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™:

Melissa Mccranels
Melissa Mccranels (right) with a young protege. Image courtesy and (c) by Melissa Mccranels.

I challenge you to describe this woman and list all the good things she’s doing for others.

So much wisdom already

If you’re in any way familiar with Melissa Mccranels, you wouldn’t know where to begin! Melissa is an extraordinary woman, the kind everybody wants to be friends with and model their daughters or themselves after.

She’s remarkable. When I met here, it was to pick up donations for homeless people. Melissa was organizing a giveaway of personal care products to the people without shelter or income. She was asking for items in online forums, and she was diligently gathering like a squirrel, what she needed to help our homeless.

Caring constantly

But that wasn’t a one-time gig. Since then, she had led several of these actions, and always she’s the “ring-leader” of good ideas.

That’s not all. Melissa is very much involved in collecting water samples for environmental analyses, to ensure that our children and their kids will have sustainable resources. Melissa also plants mangroves to help protect our estuaries.

She recycles, she helps, she grows her own food, she shares goods and knowledge. And she’s very prolific.

Melissa and her daughter, and of course… Santa! Photo used with permission, (c) Neil London

But the very best is saved for last: she is home schooling her daughter, and she trains her in all her charitable work and environmental volunteering. 

Melissa Mccranels is the best teacher of kindness and compassion that anybody could have!


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Category: Volunteers
Town: Lake Worth, FL
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster

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