Luis Garcia

The Life Saver. Literally.


Luis setting up his equipment for casting the 2020 Awards Luncheon to facebook live.


WINNER of the 

3rd Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ 2020

and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™


The Nomination:
There are countless good deeds out there, and every one of them deserves to be recognizes as an inspiration for others. Luis Garcia however, really deserves more than a favorable mention. He is a super star of kindness, most definitely deserves our support.
Luis Garcia
When I first read about his life-saving activities, it was immediately clear that Luis is very, very special. So I picked up and called him to talk about his Narcan classes and give-aways. The man is a bundle of energy, and you get the feeling that he is the perfect man for his self-chosen passion.
Luis Garcia is a retired fire fighter, so he has seen firsthand what drug overdoses can do. But he also knows how to save a drug user’s life, and he made it his mission to not only share his knowledge, but also equip his students with the life-saving antidote.
All with his own money.
After I talked to him, he was kind enough to provide me with some information, so you could read more about his commitment, and maybe help. Or at least spread the word, because especially here in South Florida, deaths associated with drug overdoses are still way too numerous.
Here is more info, thanks to Mr. Garcia:
“26 year American Heart Association Regional Faculty #RF17061 
28 year 911 Firefighter/Paramedic (Florida Paramedic license# PMD8956)
So far: I’ve taught this course in five other states (MT,KY,TN,AR,CA)  and 30 Florida counties.
This has been accomplished with $50,000 of my own money and $48,000 raised on GoFundMe: USA Opioid Crisis Mortality Reduction with NARCAN.
As of today,I have taught 150 classes and 163 attendees have saved a life with the spray I donate to each student.
Over 4,000 students have attended and received a spray.  Average class size is 25. 
AT the class I do not actively solicit donations or sell anything.  I am not a formal 501c3 just a one man show. 

My name is Luis Garcia  and I am   a private person buying narcan, offering free two hour classes and donating a $75 spray to each course attendee.  In Florida, FS 381.887 provides full layperson immunity. I do not solicit funds or promote anything  at my classes.




Please call 954-859-4696 and google ” Luis Garcia, Narcan” for details about my 2 year effort.

HERE is information from a recent community Narcan giveaway 

All NARCAN is purchased thanks to the generosity of my GoFundme donors: 

 I am a one man show trying to save lives over the next year.   I travel across the US offering free Narcan sprays to those who attend my two hour  Classes  FB PAGE: USA Opioid Crisis Mortality Reduction with NARCAN.

I’m a retired 28 year Firefighter/paramedic who saw the emerging opioid crisis just before I retired from a large South Florida Fire Department eight years ago…I felt helpless…Addiction does not discriminate.”


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Category: Public Service Personnel
Town: Boynton Beach, FL
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster


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