The Daughter Who is Actually an Angel

Nomination for the Heart & Dove Awards™ and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™:

Marlene Ross
Marlene on a beautiful day in South Florida. Image courtesy (c) of Marlene Ross.

Being unable to drive, my life largely unfolds online. So it was not unusual to meet Marlene Ross first on a social platform this year, and it “spilled over into real life” when we met for lunch.

Sensing that I had met someone very special I kept following Marlene’s posts, and lo and behold something magical appeared on my computer screen every day.

Something in common

Marlene had told me during our conversation, that she often visits her mother in a nursing home. Since that is a topic I can very much relate to, we lingered on the subject for a little while.

But I had no idea who that woman really was, who sat across from me telling me about her Mama.

You see, Marlene doesn’t just go the Extra Mile when it comes to caring for her mom. She will run a Marathon for her.

Mama suffers from Alzheimer’s and needs the environment of a professional home. However, Marlene Ross goes to see her mother each and every single day, no exceptions. She will feed her the favorite foods she used to love, she will bathe her, take her on errands, show her the beauty of nature, take her for any sensory experience that she can think of, and then tuck her in at night, so Mama can sleep comfy with her stuffed animal, Bebito.

Marlene and her beloved Mama. Photo courtesy of (c) Marlene Ross

Marlene’s daily commitment and LOVE for Mama

Each and every day, Marlene takes a big portion of her own day to be there for Mama. Loving on her in a way that only a very devoted daughter can do. And she’ll take pictures and post them each day, documenting what Mama did and how she enjoyed.

And all is done without a single hesitation or complaint. She puts Mama first. Selfless, with much love. Every day.

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Category: Everyday Above and Beyond
Town: Lantana, FL
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster

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