Leonard Effron

Give Someone Wheels to Make them Fly!


Leonard Effron with one of his young students in his bicycle shop


WINNER of the 

3rd Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ 2020

and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™


The Nomination:

Wheels of Passion

It’s truly amazing which type of people you come across on social media. Personally, I have subscribed to more platforms than I can remember, many of them from the time when they got started. So it’s no surprise that I’ve seen quite a bit of diverse folk, one way or another.


And occasionally, there is a rare gem

So when you find that rare gem, you want to try and hold on to it, watch how it shines its light and how it makes you feel happy, just knowing it’s there.

One of those gems is Leonard Effron. He calls himself Frenchie and he owns a bicycle shop in Parkland, Florida.

Leonard did not get this nomination for a kind gesture or a good deed.

The reason for his nomination is the fact that I have seen nobody run their business with so much kindness, so much love for their customers in a very long time. Leonard Effron is deeply committed to his store, and to teaching kids (and adults) how to ride their bike in a patient and very encouraging way.


Here they are: Leonard Effron (right) and one of his very happy students after bicycle riding graduation. Photo (c) courtesy of Leonard Effron


Lots of happy faces in his shop…

In fact, those kids don’t ride… they FLY! And all while Leonard stands watch like a guardian angel, a grandfatherly figure to all anxious students of bicycle riding. He’s by their side until they graduate, knowing very well that the most beautiful thing he sees every day is a kid that’s beaming with accomplishment and joy.

They’re on Cloud Nine.

As if that weren’t enough, Leonard shares this joy with everybody who loves reading about it. By his daily personal account, he brings that sense of happiness, all these pure and honest smiles with him to his facebook friends.

He writes about these kids and their first experience, adding pictures or videos to share the smiling faces during their very happy moments, when they ride for the first time. You can read it in his words how much he cares about his little students, as if they were his own children or grandkids.

Leonard Effron – you are nominated for the love and joy and happiness you spread. Just like a fine precious gemstone would!


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Category: Local Business Owners
Town: Parkland, FL
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster


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