Sergio Palacio

Everybody’s Big Brother


Sergio Palacio after receiving his Heart & Dove Award 2020 and induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame, while Carlos Perez (left) is looking on.


WINNER of the 

3rd Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ 2020

and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™


The Nomination:

Sergio Palacio – a true Kindness Rebel. We love you, Sergio! Image posted with permission.

If you live in Palm Beach county, surely you must know Sergio Palacio. If you haven’t heard about him, well, then you must read about this amazing and kind man.

Sergio heads the Farmworker Coordinating Council of Palm Beach County as Executive Director, or in short, the Farmworker Council.

This charity is the oldest Non-Profit Organization in Palm Beach County, so you can expect it to be well-run and highly beneficial to its clients.

The reason why Sergio is nominated however, is not simply for his role in leading his organization, but very much for his personality and gracious ways.

Whenever you have a big ship to steer, (which the Farmworker Council is) it is easy to overlook seemingly insignificant requests or casual acquaintances. Not so with Sergio Palacio. He makes it his mission to treat everybody with great respect and care, and he will always make room for people who may not ever be of benefit to him.

Sergio is a true kindness warrior. He also is the inspiration behind “Sergio’s Lent Exchange”, and he is always here to give you a portion of his precious time to lend an open ear. It is not by accident that he has been chosen as President of the Non-Profit Chamber of Commerce and sits now on the Board as its Past President.

Sergio Palacio is everybody’s big brother, a man you can speak to for advice and wisdom, faith and comfort.


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Category: Philanthropists
Town: Atlantis, FL
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster


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