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Nomination for the Heart & Dove Awards™ and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™:

Norma Shearon
This nomination belongs to one of our own: the leader of our local Love & Peace Society and dear friend, Norma Shearon. Norma is a kindness powerhouse, there is no saying what she will do next to make someone’s life better or improve the community.

Norma is also the initiator of the very first Be More! Initiative: Norma’s Valentine Project. Her entire life is giving love, from the moment she wakes up, until she ends her day. Feeding her pets, then heading to the back yard where she feeds the birds, she will come and help pick up litter from the roadside, she donates food and clothing, she helps neighbors and runs errands for friends.

Each time there is a need for volunteering, her hand goes up. Norma Shearon is an amazing woman, with more energy and love in her heart than the average person can even imagine.

Norma deserves to be nominated for her constant willingness to help. If ever there were a role model for young women, they should choose Norma to be their guide.

It’s all there: attitude, love, character, friendliness and following through with action.

Norma helps first, and asks questions later.


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Category: Founder’s Award
Town: Lantana, FL
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster

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