Always Stepping In for Equality

Nomination for the Heart & Dove Awards™ and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™:

Margot Emery
Coming from a beautiful tribe…

Some people have a difficult time accepting others’ opinion, faith or sexual preference. And that’s fine, because they have a right to their own beliefs.

Then, there are people who are more tolerant. It’s those who understand that we should accept different views to get along and live a more content, peaceful life.

Always welcoming: Margot Emery with one of her yard signs. Courtesy of (c) by Margot Emery

Margot Emery belongs to the second group, as you surely suspected from the headline. She’s not just being that all embracing person – she actively promotes being kind to people who think differently from our own views.

Because she KNOWS it’s good for humanity.

And what’s good for humanity, is good for individuals. Like you and I.

Yet another yard sign to call on tolerance and acceptance, displayed by Margot. Photo courtesy of, and (c) by Margot Emery

Margot is intellectual, kind, educated, gentle and insightful. She embraces people from all backgrounds. She is open-minded. She is a true world citizen. But what earns her this nomination is her being outspoken about equality in every aspect, for every human being. You should love her for that!

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Category: Community Superstars
Town: Lake Worth, FL
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster

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