Norma’s Valentine Project 2019

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This morning was special. It would be the very first time, that members of the Love & Peace Society have gone out to the community and deliberately spread goodwill.

But even more amazing is the fact that this activity was initiated by a member. You can read more about it and participate in Norma’s Valentine Project here >

On the left is Carol Stratton, another angel, and holding the basket is Norma Shearon, the “Mother” of Norma’s Valentine Project

Here are the pictures from today:

Getting out of the car with well over 100 cards. Notice that green and white bag over Norma’s shoulder: it’s packed with Teddy bears and roses that light up with a little LED light. So cute!

What to expect?

Just waiting for the “Boss” at the reception. Her name is Patti, and she’s a really nice, caring lady. It’s a big ship to steer, but that place was tidy.


It’s going well…

The first residents have received their cards and they are enjoying it.

Notice that unfortunately, you can’t see their smiles for yourself, but you have to believe us how delighted everyone was…

(To protect the patient’s privacy, we have omitted faces and other identifying features.)

What about men?

Of course we thought of the guys too: Norma had ensured that we had a good assortment of different cards, and they were worded properly and as specific as we could get.

One of the gentlemen reading his card on the photo to the right. It was the last thing that he expected today, so it made his surprise and joy immensely more visible.

Feeling good

Carol and Norma on a friendly chat with a happy recipient.

Sometimes it felt as if we wanted to stay and spend more time with one or the other person, but unfortunately, there was only a limited time we had available, and we tried not to disturb too much the flow of daily activities there.

Thank you all!

Cards came from a dozen different people, even as far away as Texas! Without your help, this could have not been possible.

See this cute Blonde in that room? That Norma was there today for each and every one of you who contributed cards, bears and roses.

We can assure you, that you were with us in thought! 

A Day of True Love…

Beautiful gestures of love, made possible because all of you came together. Can’t wait for next time!

Saying Good Bye was the most difficult thing to do. Rest assured, dear patients, you are in our hearts!

You gals and guys are awesome!

Thank you to all who have made cards and so lovingly wrote and decorated and donated them! Not to mention all the other goodies, such as Teddy bears, roses and Valentine beads. You’re awesome, and you made a big difference today.

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