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“Being nice benefits all of humanity. Being kind benefits the rest of the Universe.”

Love and Peace Project, June 24, 2017

Actually, this Love and Peace Project started out as a pearl and bead stringing business, specializing mostly in repairs. But the nature of that business never seemed to be fulfilling enough.

Granted, repairing or designing with pearls and beads is rewarding in its own right. It can come with an abundance of passion, a place where to live out one’s creativity, for sure. But after a while, the repetitive nature of stringing beads may call for something more progressive.

Ingrid, its owner, was always searching for a different purpose for herself. Becoming a catalyst, maybe. Specifically wanting to improve how people treat each other, building on a better society overall. Taking tiny steps of course, but that’s how we all start out.

The Neverending Necklace was born out of that idea. To this day, it still is very popular as a representative for the Love & Peace Project. It is always welcomed warmly. But more needed to be done, so here we go.

Love inside a string of beads. Graffiti in Lantana, FL by unknown artist.

The issues are overwhelming…

“If we want to become kinder, we must accept people who are different. If we want to accept others, we must seek to understand them. If we want to understand anyone, we must listen to them.”

There is an urgent need to eliminate prejudice. Way too often, people are being discriminated because of their heritage, where they came from, their traditions and culture.

And still today, those with physical limitation or mental illness, feel that they’re treated differently. Just ask one of them.

Then you have the discussions about race, as if the color of your skin or the shape of your eyes would somehow determine your character and soul.

It doesn’t matter which religious group or political party someone belongs to. It also doesn’t matter which sexual preference or gender one has. Bias leads nowhere. It doesn’t work.

It is a huge concern for us, because these stubborn prejudices hinder the peace process. And they damage the very core of society. So we’re trying to erase some of these, even in small increments wherever possible.

We always get excited when we see a public display of love and peace, like this one on a building next to an iconic burger joint, Dick’s in Seattle. It is huge, much bigger than it appears from this vantage point. What’s encouraging: it shows that there are enough people with means, who do care…

So, how do you eat an elephant?

First, we would NEVER eat an elephant. But to answer that question: you slice it up in smaller chunks and then cut them into bite sized pieces.

In other words: the real secret lies in portioning.

We can’t do everything we’d like to do. And we don’t need to. There are bigger and better organizations that have the experience and the power to tackle their own special causes. They’re doing a lot of good and hopefully continue their invaluable work well into the future.

The Love & Peace Project is no match for these well-funded, extraordinary groups. We just can string beads. Like mad. And give them to people who we think deserve something nice.

Sounds like an odd combination, maybe. It seems not so strange anymore, once you’ve traveled our site and have discovered what makes it so special, and what beads have to do with love and peace. (Hint: it goes way beyond the Sixties, and it started much, much sooner)

We invite you to explore. Perhaps you even find some genuine treasures along the way…

– Ingrid Webster

WE’re ready, if you are:

The Vision

Mission Statement and Future Plans

Love & Peace Ambassadors

Meet the Founder

I always like to mention businesses who get it. This one is from the Restore Coffee Roasters in Boynton Beach, Florida. Their coffee is delicious, and their attitude is a match. Thanks!

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