Michelle Schack McRae and Sigrid Fontanez

Thoughtful Co-workers & Caring Moms


Michelle showing off her well deserved award


WINNERS of the 

2nd Annual Heart & Dove Awards™ 2019

and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™


The Nomination:


Michelle Schack McRae, photo (c) by Norma Shearon

This post is about two women who are hereby nominated for the coming Heart & Dove Awards™. Michelle and Si Si are doing everything in their power to support the family of a former co-worker.

In a normal situation, when a person leaves their job, the connection with others at work will often be severed instantly, or fade over time.

Michelle and Si Si didn’t simply disconnect with their co-worker because she no longer worked at their preschool. These two kept in touch with her. And when a family emergency took a hold of her life, both women were there for her, with comfort and hands-on support.


Social media are a wonderful thing, because they connect people and their lives to others.

You see it daily: requests for prayers, shared stories of real-life drama, people who are in need, or people who are going through a traumatic situation. And always, it evokes instant feelings of compassion, along with the customary emoticons or comments. But more often that not, other people’s burden, their immediate concerns are out of view when we write or read posts.

To reach people who may not be as open about their trials and tribulations, you’ll sometimes need to engage in one-on-one conversations.

And you will learn about the quiet heroes, the strong people who get up and make others’ lives easier just by being there, doing the right thing without fanfare.

They search no spotlight. They do what comes naturally. They serve quietly and with love for others.


Those are the true nobility, the kings and queens of society

Read below the message from Michelle, about a meaningful gesture that earned them the nomination:

“My co-worker and I are going to bring breakfast, a prayer gift and a prayer session to an old friend whose mom is at JFK hospital. Her mom has been on life support for 6 days with little medical likelihood she will gain brain function…

…this mom worked with us for many years at the preschool we work at. This mom left our program for a period and then went to work at another preschool. She remained part of our family, attending our holiday parties and visiting our school on her lunch break and in the mornings. The daughter of this mom babysat my children when she was finishing high school. This daughter gave her mom the only grandchild which is the moms pride and joy. This mom is young and way to young to leave this world. She has a son in high school and a son in elementary school…”

That said, their hearts are speaking loud and clear. Thank you for being so kind!


Michelle Schack McRae (left), after receiving her award from ingrid Webster. Photo (c) by Norma Shearon


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Category: Outstanding Friends
Town: Boynton Beach, FL
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster


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