Not only is it human, it’s divine to make mistakes!

You’ve probably heard of the Amish quilt errors. The story goes like this: It is largely a trade mark of the Amish women, to purposely include a small mistake into their beautiful work, as a sign of humility and as not to compete with God for perfection.

But upon a little further digging this seems to be an Urban Myth, albeit a very beautifully divine one and a convenient, however unintended marketing strategy as well.

It doesn’t matter whether the Amish quilt mistake is an actual tradition, or simply quaint wishful thinking.¬†Mistakes are very much part of our lives. And they should be.

How’s that?

You can look at it this way: it’s easy to slip in an error or two, when you work on anything, repetitive pattern or not. Everybody’s done it.

But if you have the ability to create something without any flaws, and then choose to insert an irregularity, that is power! Because you made that choice, for whatever reason. 

Even if you made a mistake unintentionally, it is an interruption.

Someone else may discover your mistake and have the freedom to interpret it, repeat it, distribute it or fix it. Or leave it alone.

Mistakes foster conversation, they motivate us to improve, and they certainly are catalysts for progress.

They exist, whether you like it or not

So-called errors in our DNA enabled humans to evolve. If all of our genetic code were entirely perfect and uniform throughout, creativity, science and industry were all but wishful thinking.

Yes, they can hinder as well, even be downright detrimental to one or more individuals. Those are the great teachers, the ones with the most profound lessons. But we’ll exclude these from the discussion of manageable, desirable errors featured here.

The useful mistakes are those who push us forward. And those which are merely annoying shouldn’t distract you.

It’s about that balance. It’s about being human. With flaws.



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