Hold On to That Precious Gem…


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I’m sure you got at least one. Maybe more. Or maybe a lot. You may not even know what treasure you have!

I’m talking about quotes. Those sayings, that we can see so often on social media. Or maybe it’s something you’ve read in a book a long time ago. Perhaps an aunt or uncle or other relative gave you a snippet of wisdom for your journey through life.

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One of the best short quotes out there

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Treasures Within

They are priceless. For some of you, they may have saved many a situation, where good advice was hard to come by.

They guide us. They make us more aware. They make us better.

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Dr. King had so much to give

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Share Yours!

Collect KR points when you share your favorite quote with us. August is Quote Month, so you get 50 KR points towards FREE goodies. Love & Peace Society members get 100 KR points.

It’s easy: join us for “Coffee Time” on Wednesday, August 8, in Lantana. Share your quotes there. We’ll include them in a huge, illustrated book for display at the future museum.

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Quirky writing, but flawless thinking 🙂

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Before you write like wild

For alternative entries (if you can’t come to the meeting): just leave your favorite quote as a comment underneath. Include who the quote is from, if possible.

Please type your favorite quote, if possible. You can post an image too, but we’ll copy only the quote, because we do observe copyright laws. (Unless it’s your own image and you give us permission)

You may post as many quotes as you wish, but only one quote per day qualifies for KR points.




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