Let’s Talk About that Ant Hill Some More…

It’s important enough.

Even when I was very young, there were fewer things that fascinated me more than ants.

Observing them, playing with them, trying to set a chalk barrier to see whether they could be contained (they couldn’t) and simply following their movement, until I was restricted from accessing the inner structure of their settlement. I would get lost watching these tireless insects.

To me, they are giants. Their strength, their accuracy, the bond with each other, that perfect machinery.

And they’re functioning without some supervising boss ant standing nearby, ready to threaten the occasional non-conforming individual that dares to stray from the master plan.

Just like a perfect world.

Except for the fact, that none of them gets to choose which position they hold in their formicidaeic conga line. They have no free will.

An ant’s life and function is steered by the inherited experience of countless ancestors. It does not think. It does not contemplate.

Yet, it performs marvelously.



Better than Ants?

Let’s look at a completely different species. A species with individual members that get to choose, think and contemplate.

Those even have emotions: they can be hurting, they can love, they can be happy and they can emphasize.

I’m talking about humans. Somehow, human society doesn’t function as well as an ant community. But they don’t need to, because people have the freedom to observe what’s needed, and then take measures to do what is necessary.

We won’t talk about the bumpy fabric of society, with all the built-in weaving faults or loose warps. These are the spoils of a life form with conscious choices.

Humans are totally free, at least theoretically. And still, it is nearly impossible to exist without a connection to a group of other people.

More so, because of this connection with others, it is possible for a single human to achieve much more than as an isolated, lone person.

People need others to be successful. They build on top of achievements of predecessors, they even improve or magnify what they’ve learned.

They have the ability to make things better.

And they have an obligation to connect with others in order to share tasks and elevate the entire community.

Let’s help others understand the value of working together. Let’s make it a stronger, more supportive society by being a part of it!




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