It’s Coffee Time!!

Off to a good start

Sometimes, good things take a little longer, and we just have proven this old adage to be true.

Everything went according to plan… the informal Agenda, meant to be a mental crutch for the not-so-crisp group leader 😉

Our first “soft opening style” Coffee Time happened yesterday, and it was such a pleasure to be there.

If you disregard the spilled cup of coffee, that is.

In Germany, we would have called that a baptism – some kind of lighthearted omen for good things to come. Nothing like making the best out of every situation…

The very first member of the Love & Peace Society signing in

That being said, this meeting was truly historic in every way. We could welcome the first official member of the Love & Peace Society, which is a humble but more than encouraging start.

Why do we put so much emphasis on everything “first”?

You’ll see. Some time in the future, you will be able to go back in time to follow how it all began. And when you are reminded that it started with one member, perhaps the proverbial little light bulb goes on above your head.

That light bulb should become a beacon of hope for everything that you do.

Because even a Million starts with one.

No, Panera Bread didn’t pay us to post this image. But we wanted to let everybody know how nice these folks at the Lantana Road location are. Thanks so much!

And so we look forward to more meetings, signing up members all along and growing into a beautiful, positive, kindness-rebellious group.

See you there!

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