Jeffro is a Super Hero!

Nomination for the Heart & Dove Awards™ and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™:

Jeff Ritter
Jeff Ritter is not your ordinary guy. Apparently, he has discovered the secret to making a kid feel really, really good – even and especially when they’re fighting an injury or illness.

Spidey is saving the day!

As we know by now, having a positive attitude can tip the scale for the better, when it comes to healing and recovering. It’s easier to counteract disease when the mind is in a happy place. 

And what better happy place for a kid is there than to be in the strong arms of a Superhero?

Jeffro, the Super Hero

Enter the man who makes these dreams come true for little humans. Magnificently costumed and armed with the power of love, Jeff and his platoon of volunteers will donate their free time to provide a sense of awe and cheer to a young child. Right when it’s needed the most, and awaited with anticipation.

A younger version, having just as much fun as her grown-up counterpart…

When asked what inspired him to start being a hero for kids, he humbly answered “my mother”. That particular attitude can only be passed on by a person who understands how life in a loving environment works its magic.

A welcoming crowd cheers with awe…

You might think that Jeff Ritter doesn’t have anything else to fill his time with. But it’s not like he’s Batman. That comic book character has no need to pursue a daytime job in order to finance his gigs as a world-saving caped crusader.

A fan favorite!

Jeff is making his income as a full-time waiter, providing for the needs of his own family. His two kiddos sometimes have to share him with other little ones, but something tells us that they’re OK with that.


Kids are our biggest treasure – let’s give them the best we can!

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Jeff Ritter (left) is presented with the Heart & Dove Award (TM) by Norma Shearon.

At this point, let us mention that even a Superhero needs a hero. If you wish to be that person, just click on the image below:

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Category: Founders Award
Town: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster

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