Summer of Love, Peace and Beads 2018

Join in on the 3rd Annual Summer of Love, Peace and Beads, July 1 – 31, 2018. Participate to get 50 Kindness Reward points. It’s easy and FREE!

You read it right: it really is the 3rd annual event, as two previous ones happened via the old addbeads site. 267 beads were dedicated during those two campaigns, adding about 27 feet to the Neverending Necklace.

Calling all humans to give peace another chance!

Let’s raise awareness that love for one another needs a refresher course. Together we can create a better, more loving society for our children and their kids.

Help Make the World’s Longest Necklace

Dedicate a bead to each person that you care about. Include your best friend, a favorite relative, the nice neighbor, a helpful co-worker or perhaps a most loved pet.

Be amazed as these special beads are added to the necklace – making it grow longer each day, bead by bead… each a colorful symbol of your love.

It’s fun and FREE

No purchase necessary. You may dedicate as many beads as you wish, up to ten per day. If you have dedicated beads before – dedicate more beads to share your love all over again!

How to do it:

You may choose beads at any of the Love & Peace Society meetings during the month of July.

See the Event Calendar >

Alternative entry: register as a user for this site. Write your dedications into the comment section below. Just list the names of up to 10 people who you wish to dedicate a bead to. Get 50 KR points. You may enter as many times as you wish, but only one comment may be awarded KR points within a 24-hour period.

Do you stand for peace and love among humans? Let’s make the Neverending Necklace a messenger of love, acceptance and kindness. Comment with your dedications below and we’ll add beads in your name!

What happened to all those hopefuls who were so active in ’68?

Where are the Hippies, where’s the long hair, the flowers, the Volkswagen buses, the music of Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, The Doors or Janis Joplin? And what’s Joan Baez doing these days? Carlos Santana? And what about that eternal love?

They paved the way, but it’s a lonely path…

Yes – these are our beads around that guitar! Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, WA
It all seems so long ago and now forgotten

Well, at least they got cannabis back on the public map. Not that I smoke weed, and it’s nothing I’m particularly proud of. I just don’t. I’m not a leftover flower child either, but at least we have made progress in the herbal department and I’m happy for a lot of people.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not bemoaning an era that’s long gone because I like to reminisce in childhood memories. My concern is somewhere else. 


Like all’s-good-in-my-world-so-why-should-I-care type of complacency. It seems that the lively spirit of ’68 went into a coma.

I know it’s still there, but with so little change for the better. Like we have equality on paper, but many hearts still won’t accept it.

We still sing of love, but God forbid, anybody would post anything remotely connected to American politics on social media, and the hatred faucet gets turned wide open.

It’s downright ugly.

Our pool of civility is heavily diluted. People are disillusioned, dissatisfied.

So why does everybody feel that they have to succumb to a lesser state of being? Why not keep up good standards, regardless of someone else’s opinion? What really happened to these former Hippies and their kids?

Summer of Love, was it an illusion? Doesn’t have to be.

I’d say, wake up! The unkind behavior that’s displayed so easily and mindlessly today will hurt the world of our kids tomorrow.

Each and every act of being unkind, each and every word that’s spoken with hatred, and each and every closed mind that forbids good judgment will leave a big, fat negative footprint on our community. For a long time to come.

Let’s turn this around for the better, because each and every gesture of love and understanding will counteract the mean spirited one any day.

Get started now and prepare the world for a better society!

We need YOUR help to spread LOVE – comment with your dedications below:

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  1. You can participate in this month’s Signature Activity from July 1 to July 31. We’ll put the beads on for you. To earn 50 KR points, just add a comment. Like this, for example:

    “Beads for: Schnuffi, Carmelo, Claudia, Gaga.”

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