Volunteering for the American Cancer Society

Nomination for the Heart & Dove Awards™ and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™:

Volunteers for the ACS
Surely you have noticed it before

The American Cancer Society’s logo is very familiar to pretty much everybody in the US.

And not without good reason: this organization has committed itself to educate, assist, and support those who are affected by cancer.

Having a community of knowledgeable people behind you is essential in the course of any illness. And cancer has become more treatable over time, so encouragement is a good portion of the overall support.

The spotlight here however, belongs to those who volunteer their time in helping this organization remain a rock for people in need of support.

They are tireless in giving their time to a good and most needed cause. Without these volunteers, the organization could not be the same.

Visit the American Cancer Society’s website: http://www.cancer.org/


posted originally on 1/30/2017

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Category: Volunteers
Town: Atlanta, GA
Submitted by: Margaret Smith

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