David and the Ice Cream Truck

“All Children are All Our Children.”

A nice statement, for sure. But who follows through?

David Basch did. Those who knew him also know how special he was. And he cared about the kids in an area which he had to pass through, when returning to his own neighborhood.

That particular neighborhood was where people with less disposable income lived, so their kids sometimes had to do with less.

Any day he could, he would quietly wait in his green Jaguar for the ice cream truck and buy each kid a cone of ice cream.

Not that he knew the kids by name, he just wanted them to have a little joy in their day.

When I asked him why he was doing it, he just waved it off and said “That’s the least I can do”.

It is a lovely story – one that I enjoy sharing, because most people never get the recognition that they deserve.

There are countless more that I could write down, and in the future I will do that. But for now, I’d like to see YOUR story next, so that everybody can see that it’s good to be good 😉


Category: Posthumous

Submitted by: Troy Webster, originally posted on 11/13/2016

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