Percy Ross, the Newspaper Columnist

Nomination for the Heart & Dove Awards™ and Induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™:

Percy Ross

A Giving Man

During the 1980s and 90s, this guy who was reasonably wealthy, decided to give away his fortune in small increments to strangers.

Philanthropist Percy Ross. Image (c) by unknown photographer.

Here’s how he did it: Percy Ross had a syndicated column in newspapers around the US. Readers were encouraged to write to Mr. Ross, explaining their most immediate needs. Those wishes were mostly granted, if they seemed to be genuine and within reason. Soon after, someone may have found themselves with a new mattress, money to have their car fixed, a minor medical treatment or perhaps, ice cream for an entire elementary grade on a particularly hot day.

Everybody who was around and read newspapers during the late 20th Century, surely had heard about Percy Ross. And to me, he was always a hero, a role model to look up to.

When researching more info about him, it became clear that there were many attributes to describe this man. And often, comments would denounce him as a person who searched the limelight, basking in his popularity.

So what?

I’d say, it was the right thing to bring that column out in the open for the world to see! Most certainly he inspired others by exposing his own generosity.

Let’s look at the results – they were glaringly obvious: Percy Ross gave to a vast number of people. And he helped fill small gaps of need, made countless people very happy.

Over the span of about 17 years, this man distributed an estimated 20 to 30 Million US Dollars of his own money. All of it were comparatively small amounts in order to help as many individuals as possible.

In homeopathic medicine, there is a quote: “Who Cures Is Right.” In that sense, let there be voices of criticism. These are just voices – Mr. Ross delivered actions.

We need more people just like Percy Ross today!

originally posted on 11/13/2016

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Category: Posthumous
Town: Edina, MN
Submitted by: Ingrid Webster

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