Spring Fling in Highland Beach

It took a while, but…

…here are the pictures and memories

Once again, the Town of Highland Beach has hosted their annual Spring Fling for residents, and it was lovely!

A gorgeous, picture perfect day in South Florida

The welcoming, charming town and its staff were so gracious and kind, I bet every visitor could feel a positive spirit wafting throughout the little plaza.

We got spoiled with the world’s best turkey sub

But the air was not merely filled with excitement and anticipation. There was a scent of heaven in the mix.

The smell of food never sends anyone away, so once preparations were ready, so were the visitors.

Restaurant booths took care of those irresistible aromas, and they made sure that every guest was well fed and pleasantly surprised by a cornucopia of flavors.

The local Fire Department proudly showing off their shiny equipment

The event was held in late March, so you can imagine how the beautiful weather played along nicely.

If you’ve never seen it, the rolling out and extending a ladder on a fire truck is spectacular.

These things are ginormous and in a way, intimidating. But it feels good knowing they’re available and on your side when needed.

In the meantime, guests who came to our booth were dedicating a whopping 497 beads to be added to the Neverending Necklace!

That makes an estimated 50 feet, which will bring the necklace to about 3,300 feet total. Wow. You guys in Highland Beach got this!


Thank You for visiting and dedicating beads!


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