Feels Like Being Back in School all Over Again

a.k.a. “Why didn’t I just hire someone for the job?”

Those of you who’ve known the old addbeads site, are probably aware that it’s been in place since about the spring of 2000. At first, I had a local designer take care of it, but after a few months I really wanted a bit more direct and immediate control of the content.

NOT exaggerating!!

There were lots of limitations at that time, and many features or even job descriptions were not even invented yet. Back then, MSFP was a perfect and popular software, and I got to be best friends with it very quickly. To the extent that addbeads ballooned to quite a sizable presence, with far too many redundant details. It was fun, though.

Of course that joy ride had to end eventually. And it did earlier this year, when I was commuting back and forth to and from Europe, without any internet access worth mentioning. Google’s SSL requirement, ICPEN and GDPR were heavily on my mind during these times. I had no idea when and how I would be able to work on installing these, but my answers were conveniently given for me.

That’s me. It oughta explain everything…

After my last return, the hosting provider dropped the ball and MSFP without further warning. Oops.

Here it needs to be said, that contrary to my lifelong belief, procrastinating is NOT always effective.

What now?

Going with the flow. WP is my buddy now, but oh – do we go through some relationship pains. Lots to learn, lots to discover.

There are several considerations why I won’t hire a professional: of course there is always a budget issue, but the major reason is indeed the hands-on learning. I like to know how it’s done, and then be able to react immediately.

And while I’m still making baby steps, I seem to enjoy discovering new things, but also getting punished because of it.

I’m hoping to contribute something of value, but it may just take a little longer…

Please be patient with me.

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