Spreading Love – Promoting Kindness

Initial Thoughts

by Ingrid Webster

Next to our planet Earth and its preservation of all nature, each and every human being should be at the forefront of our concern. It must be our greatest priority to live a life of humanity while caring for and about others.

Life can be enjoyed by all, if only we can make it just a bit more peaceful

An advanced, healthy society has the obligation to maintain a status of love and peace. And that’s just the practical side. Because continuing violence and ignorance will result in a decadent human race that’s headed nowhere.

Alas, our world seems to be spinning out of control. Every day, the news are filled with sensations that revolve around war, greed, crime, and the worship of superficial values.

This can’t be all that we humans have to show for, right?

We can do this!

And it isn’t. There is an abundance of kindness out there. Good people are found everywhere, in every corner of the world.

For some, it may just be difficult to display it openly and on the spot. Or they may be dealing with enough struggles in their own lives, that they don’t realize what they could do to┬ábecome a kinder, more thoughtful person. Maybe they’re simply lacking the role model.

Kindness can open up and blossom with just a little nurturing…

That’s why it is important to remind and motivate people to do more. To be more.

I’d like for people to show each other how it’s done. Make it contagious! Jump into the rebellion towards a kinder world! It’s so easy…

Surely, I wish to help.

You see, what I can do from here (out of my little studio/office/workshop that doubles as a bead storage and guest room) is string beads. So the Neverending Necklace was born, 20 years ago, on July 21, 1998. Twenty years of fun and reflection, and it continues into the future.

And very recently I thought “what if I make necklaces and give them to people who are being kind?” Perhaps it would help motivate others, or perhaps it can bring attention to the need for more love and peace.


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