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Don’t feel helpless! Sheltering in place does not mean you have to forego all social interactions. Play along for the next 30 days and change your world!

Earn points* towards FREE goodies, when you join us for daily nudges that promote kindness. Check out the latest… >


Do Some Good and Feel Better Yourself

If you want to make this world a better place to live in, then you’ve found your tribe. Click on any picture to get started.

Mary’s Pleasant Playtime

Go play a board game with a lonely person, have some fun!

Jeffro’s Kids Funnel

Donate your unwanted goods to a good cause, not the landfill

Barbara’s Welcome Baskets

Make someone feel more comfortable in their new home

Lois’ Stuffed Purses

Give a purse you no longer need to a homeless woman

Rachel’s Countdown Calendar

Collect food for a local pantry, one per day for 24 days

Norma’s Valentine Project

Make Valentines for nursing homes and a lot of people happy

Sergio’s Lent Exchange

Fasting with a twist, to get rid of excess and help others

Micah’s Challenge

Show some pride in your town – make it more beautiful

Paul’s Diogenes Assignment

Find strangers who are kind, then share your story with us

Joyce’s Traveling Bowls

Food is fuel for friendship – send your dish around the world

Just some of the sections that make up the Neverending Necklace. When they’re connected, they hold a strand of beads that’s over 3,200 feet long – the world’s longest necklace!

Help Build the Museum and Inspire Others

While we are planning the future museum, you get to help build it and you’re building on a kinder society at the same time.

Add Rocks!

Pick your guidance word and help make the Love & Peace Zen Garden

Add Flags!

Show your support for foreigners and help make the Love & Peace Flag Planet

Add Houses!

Fill your home with the best intent and help make the Love & Peace Kindness Village

Add Stars!

Honor your favorite role model and help make the Love & Peace Starry Sky

Add Prayers!

Pray according to your own heart, and help make the Love & Peace Chain of Prayers

Add Leaves!

Celebrate all your relatives and help make the Love & Peace Family Tree

Add Beads!

Remember those you care about and help make the Love & Peace Neverending Necklace

Add Quotes!

Share a quote that inspired you and help make the Love & Peace Book of Wisdom

Add Bears!

Forgive someone and help make the Love & Peace Forgiveness Forest

Add Corks!

Show love for your Children and help make the Love & Peace Heritage Vineyard

Add Thanks!

Be grateful for what you have and help make the Love & Peace Wall of Thanks

Add Ornaments!

Cherish all your friends over time and help make the Love & Peace Friendship Tree

Earn Kindness Rebel Points

Each time you participate* in any of our activities, you get KR Points towards FREE perks.

How to do it? It’s easy!

You can join a local chapter of the Love & Peace Society™ and have some real time fun, or you can do it practically from your living room: there are plenty of opportunities to earn points with online activities.

Learn more about KR Points™ >

Rules for the Kindness Rebel Program™ and the KR Points™ >


How many KR points do you have? Check the chart >

The Biggest Reward for Kindness

…is your contribution to a better world for all our kids and grandkids. It’s about creating a better future.

Most immediately though, you’re being an inspiration to others.

There are plenty of people who are still searching for a way to become a better person, and how to improve on their self-care. Maybe they weren’t encouraged as kids. It’s never too late… show them how it’s done!

But some extra goodies never hurt. And you get double points, when you join as a VIP Member of the Love & Peace Society. Learn more >


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