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Norma’s Valentine Project 2021

For the third time in a row, the Love & Peace Society collected and distributed Valentines to over 450 local senior citizens.

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The Love & Peace Project’s Peace Train

Fill your train car with friends that are from a different background than you. Or fill them with books about peace. Quotes, essays, photos etc.

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Latest Nomination for a Heart & Dove Award™ and entry into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™!

Since its inception, Hindi’s Libraries has donated more than 800 boxes of books to organizations spanning across all 50 states, India, Africa, Puerto Rico, and Israel, and a most recent partnership with Teal Botanicals to ship books to The Philippines.

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Nominate Someone for the Heart & Dove Awards™ 2022!

When you are being considered for an award, someone cared very much about what you did. That is cause for celebration!

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Visit the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™

We’re looking for good deeds from anybody: yourself, your neighbor, family member, friend.

And with a little luck, that person will receive a Heart & Dove Award™ and be inducted into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™.

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Help Build A Sanctuary

Add something to the Love, Peace & Beads Museum and be a part of it forever. It’s totally FREE and fun to do.

What we hope to create, are installations that are meaningful.

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Love Yourself!

You learn new things every day. You’ll gain insight over time, and figure out who you are and how you can become a better human. In the meantime, enjoy what can be gleaned from life’s experiences.

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Be Kind To Others

Make an effort to be someone’s hero, and you’ll see your own value rise. You become happier yourself. You’ll get that uplifting feeling. It’s an instant antidepressant!

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guidance rocks Take a Tour of the Love, Peace & Beads Museum™

This museum is about you. What it has to show to the world, will be made with your help.

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That Thing About the Beads…

Beads are nothing new, and their popularity wasn’t exactly a recent acquisition. Maybe we modern humans have rediscovered them, but beads were a cultural staple for Millennia.

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